JpegThat’s what these are.  Firewood.  You can see I place the fire extinguisher next to them just in case things got out of control.

They are also recorders, soprano or otherwise known as descant recorders, made by me in my garage.  They are the product of uncounted hours of work.  Or at least I call it work … my dear wife calls it “derping in the garage”.  Experimenting with methods and tricks I’ve learned online or from correspondence with an instrument-making friend.  I can play a tune on any one of these.  Some of them are even tuned to concert pitch.  But in the end my first 8 tries at recorder making pretty much yielded junk.  The low notes are wobbly or too airy, the high notes are out of tune or don’t play at all.  Those plastic recorders you played as a kid?  Those sound better than these.


The recorder … the seemingly ubiquitous instrument that you learned to play in school.  Maybe your kid ran around the house belting out Hot Cross Buns one too many times on her blue plastic abomination of an instrument.  Please don’t make me ever hear that sound again!  If that’s what you think, put on some good headphones just try listening to this heavenly recorder rendition from the Woodpecker’s Recorder Quartet (page down to see it).  Wow!  Once you’ve heard a recorder sing like that you are not the same anymore.


So, it turns out recorders are pretty hard to make.  Nevertheless I have embarked on a journey of learning how to make this instrument.  I’m over a year into this journey, and it seems I’ve only just begun!  Stay tuned for the journey and I’ll show you some interesting stuff.


Now listen to die Kunst der Fuge again.

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